3 Perks of Using Branded Promotional Products

Many Americans use branded promotional products at least once a week, and most will keep these items for a year – or more. Not only can a wise promotional marketing strategy keep your products top-of-mind for consumers for a year or longer, but they also help create meaningful touchpoints and opportunities to connect with your brand.

You might be thinking: is branded swag really that important? In a word… YES! If you aren’t currently using branded promotional products to increase consumers’ awareness of your brand, build rapport with existing customers, and even upsell or increase your services with them, you should probably start.

Let’s dive into four ways these advantages are magnified by using business promotional items.

Branded Promotional Items Increase Visibility and Recognition
Think of well-known brands like Nike, Ford, or Starbucks: You IMMEDIATELY know their products by their logo, right? In the same way, applying your logo to branded promotional items allows you to market your products or services without costly budget allocation to ad or marketing campaigns: your products—and the symbols on them—speak for themselves! In addition, the more people see and recognise your brand, the more impressions you cultivate with potential customers.

In addition to enabling increased brand visibility, smart utilization of business promotional items helps prospects remember your product or brand for longer and they remember creators of the same products lacking a promotional or company logo. The bigger your brand gets, and the more people and places that start purchasing or reviewing your products and promotional items, the faster potential customers will recognize your work.

Branded Items Increase Customer Loyalty
Once customers recognize a brand and enjoy the products that logo represents, they’re more likely to try new products from the same company. If your business promotional items represent your brand personality well, you’re likely to be remembered by consumers, winning their repeat business and possibly, and the support of those in their larger circle.

A useful item like a coffee cup, travel mug, or a branded backpack, will get more usage than a niche, more obscure item like a stress ball or an umbrella. The more often consumers use your product, the more they see it and showcase your logo during use. The key to locking down this aspect of your promotional marketing strategy? Learning what items/products are valuable to your target audience and focusing on those for giveaways or promos.

Promo Items are Budget-Friendly Marketing Hacks
How do you pick the right promotional products to give away or send to supporters? Often, the best branded promo items offer invaluable brand impressions. This leads to the cost-per-impression dropping drastically when word-of-mouth advertising works in your favor. To get consumers talking about your brand, keep an eye on trending products, what people are using in video ads, and simple products with longevity (like post-its or drawstring bags) that can be shared or passed on to increase your reach without extending your budget.

Want more creative ways to utilize branded promotional items to grow your business? Let’s talk!.

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