Bobst Eterna Die-cutter

Bobst Eterna die-cutters can handle a variety of materials, allowing for flexibility in production.

Graphic Solutions Group has invested in the Bobst Eterna die-cutter, this is a highly sophisticated  machine used for die-cutting, which is a process that involves cutting various shapes and designs out of materials such as paper, cardboard, or corrugated board.

Here’s a basic description of how a die-cutting process with a Bobst Eterna die-cutter might work:

  1. Preparation:
    – Design: Customers provide their designs or templates for the desired shapes or patterns.
    – Die Creation: A specialized die is created based on the design, usually made of steel. This die is a sharp, custom-shaped tool that will cut through the material.
  2. Setup:
    – Material Loading: The material to be cut is loaded onto the die-cutter. This can be sheets of paper, cardboard, or other substrates.
    – Die Mounting: The die is mounted onto the die-cutting machine.
  3. Die-Cutting Process:
    – Feeding: The material is fed through the die-cutting machine.
    – Cutting: As the material passes through, the die exerts pressure, cutting the material into the specified shapes.
  4. Collection and Sorting:
    – Finished Pieces: The die-cut pieces are collected and separated from the waste material.
    – Sorting: If necessary, the finished pieces may be sorted or stacked for further processing.
  5. Quality Control:
    – Inspection: The cut pieces undergo quality control checks to ensure they meet the specified standards.

Benefits for our Customers:

  • Precision and Consistency: Die-cutting provides precise and consistent shapes, ensuring uniformity across a large number of pieces.
  • Customization: Customers can achieve intricate and customized shapes, enhancing the visual appeal of their printed materials.
  • Efficiency: Die-cutting is a fast and efficient process, enabling quick turnaround times for printing and packaging projects.
  • Versatility: Bobst Eterna die-cutters can handle a variety of materials, allowing for flexibility in production.

Ask how your next project can benefit from a custom die cut.

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