How Much Wind Can A Pole Banner Withstand?

How Much Wind Can A Pole Banner Withstand
Most people don’t know how much wind a pole banner can take, so we felt a good topic would be to answer that question and show you why.

Have you ever wondered how much wind a pole banner can withstand? The good news is that they can take much wind force. Interestingly enough, the banners can withstand more force in some cases than the poles they are mounted to! We won’t get into those details, but when it comes to the pole banners themselves, they do have specific wind speed limits and factors that affect what those load limits are..

Let’s go deeper into the details of those factors.

Wind Load Factors for Pole Banners

When it comes to how much wind a pole banner can take, several main factors must be considered. These are the surface area, the hardware used, and whether or not the banner has cutouts or slits. Each has a unique reason for being important which we share below.

  • Surface Area of a Pole Banner
    This refers to the plane or face of the banner itself. The “surface” of the pole banner. The more surface area you have, the more “drag”, “load” or pressure is applied to the banner.
  • Pole Banner Hardware
    This isn’t about the banner material but the mounting hardware holding the pole banner up. The stronger and more durable the hardware is, the more wind the banner can take because the hardware won’t break. But you can also incorporate spring-loaded mounting hardware that will “give” and allow the banner to adjust slightly and compensate for the wind speeds. At Graphic Solutions Group, we offer a product called BannerSaver, a spring-loaded attachment for pole banners that allows flex to withstand more wind.
  • Pole Banner Cutouts or Wind Slits
    Cutouts in the face of a pole banner don’t make a huge difference, but that can be that fine line between a banner taking on a certain wind speed. So, in places with high winds, it doesn’t hurt to add them for a “just in case” mindset.

In fact, you can actually calculate the wind pressure for banners by using the formulas found at this link

Ways to Protect Pole Banners from High Winds

While using thicker material, such as 18oz, for banners can help them withstand strong winds, it is still essential to take additional precautions to protect them.

Banners placed at higher elevations are more likely to be subjected to high wind speeds. So, one option is to mount them lower to combat those higher wind loads.

While choosing cheaper, thinner material for your banners may be tempting, investing in durable, thicker material or vinyl that can withstand the elements will save you money in the long run because the banner will last longer and not get destroyed by higher winds.

Additionally, you can place pole banners in areas blocked by structures that break the wind, whether small buildings or even trees. You just want to be sure not to hide the banner.

In conclusion, using thicker materials for banners is a good start. Still, taking additional precautions to protect them from high winds is essential. Using wind slits & cutouts, strong hardware, and choosing the right location.

So how much wind can a pole banner take? They could take up to about 100 Mile Per Hour Winds if the factors mentioned here have been considered and accounted for.

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