Print Marketing Trends for 2022

Each year in print new trends emerge. Some of them are old while others are new and 2022 is no different. We’re seeing a number of trends that are worth talking about and likely implementing for your business.

If you can jump in and capitalize on even one of these trends, you’re guaranteed to see bigger and better results from your printed marketing efforts.

Targeted Direct Mail for Better ROI

Is targeting trendy? Most definitely it is!

While it’s not new, what is new is the ability to target more granularly and more accurately than ever before.

Improved Targeting Capabilities

With the help of newer software and the power behind big data, Graphic Solutions is able to provide a level of granularity and accuracy that was not possible in the past. This maximizes your print budget and keeps costs low but still delivers a return on investment that goes well beyond what’s been achieved in the past.

Easily tap into powerful demographic and psychographic segments, targeting by industry, job title, family attributes, and more including the standard geographic data as well.

Targeted direct mail allows you to speak to a defined audience in a way that connects, engages, and moves them to action ensuring you get the highest possible ROI from your marketing efforts.

Integrating Digital and Print for Tracking

A big trend this year will be to integrate both print and digital to achieve better tracking and measurement to gain insight into customer behavior and sales generated from these efforts. A significant benefit to integrating your print and digital efforts is having the ability to track the behavior of the person taking action. This can easily be done by using tactics such as custom URLs, QR codes and phone numbers.

As long as you are promoting customers with strong calls to action on your print that compels them to move forward in visiting that landing page, calling that number or scanning that code you’ll be able to generate user data that otherwise couldn’t be collected.

Being a decision maker at your company means having the responsibility to ensure you’re getting the best results from your marketing efforts, so being able to track performance is a must have.  Using these simple inclusions will give you the ability to measure, gain insight and make the best decisions possible for your business.

Companies are Going Green In 2022 and so is Print

Companies are feeling the pressure and taking on the responsibility of becoming more eco conscious and monitoring their carbon footprint looking for new ways to “go green” and become an environmentally friendly organization.

A big part of doing that is ensuring you’re working with vendors and partners that are also doing their part to be as green as possible. This means that print companies also need to be employing environmentally friendly practices, so it extends your impact as a green company.

The good news is that Graphic Solutions Group has been focusing on this for years which makes being “green” so much easier.

Who you choose to work with is a reflection on you and your business. By committing to producing greener print and working with companies like Graphic Solutions Group, you’ll boost your business’ green credentials by ensuring eco-friendly processes are implemented throughout your entire supply chain.

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