What is the Best Color to Use on a Sidewalk Sign?

Best Color to Use on a Sidewalk Sign

Sidewalks signs are an affordable and impactful way to gain more visibility for your business. In addition, these signs play a role in increasing customer engagement, foot traffic, and sales. However, not just viewing the sign compels consumers to visit your store. Sidewalk sign colors play a part in influencing the public.

Sign colors can deliver a relaxed or outgoing message while also giving a feeling of wealth or power (holding customers’ attention). In this article, we will share the best colors for sign visibility and spotlight the best sign color for the impression you are trying to make on customers.

Common Sidewalk Sign Colors for Businesses

When it comes to sidewalk sign colors, multiple choices are commonly used tos expand the marketing reach of a business. While there is not necessarily a “right answer” regarding the best color choice, the combination of colors used by your business should either represent your brand or mean something vital to you personally or professionally. One popular color choice is red. This color is considered the color of power that gets attention and holds it for some time. Blue is another common color viewed as a more relaxed color that signifies stability and reliability. Green promotes a feeling of wealth and safety, while white symbolizes simplicity. Last but not least, black is a common sign color that is empowering and bold.

Sidewalk Sign Colors that Increase Sales

Many studies have been conducted about colors and their effect on people in different settings. In almost every scenario in these studies, green is the color that drives the impulse to purchase. Green means many things to others, including money, harmony, health, safety, and even the phrase, “Green means go.”

Green can also symbolize mindful decision-making related to using blue on signs. Blue is often considered a calming color that can make people slow down and take their time making a purchase decision. You can try both colors to see which works best for your particular needs, but green is the most common choice when businesses want to generate greater sales.

Ultimately, it is up to you to mix and match different colors to find the best sidewalk sign color for your business. Suppose you examine the results of your sidewalk sign colors research. In that case, the payoff can be significant with increased foot traffic and greater revenue.

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