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Baronial Envelopes

More formal and traditional than the A-style envelopes, baronials are deeper and have a large pointed flap. They are popular for invitations, greeting cards, announcements and more.

Baronial Envelopes
NumberSize (in.)Download DielinesPDFEPS
45.125 x 3.6254 Baronial EnvelopePDFEPS
5 1/24.375 x 5.755 1/2 Baronial EnvelopePDFEPS
64.75 x 6.56 Baronial EnvelopePDFEPS
Lee5.25 7.25Lee Baronial EnvelopePDFEPS

A-Style Envelopes

Most commonly used for announcements, invitations, cards, small booklets, brochures or promotional pieces, these envelopes typically have square flaps and come in a variety of popular sizes. Designed for use with matching text and cover papers, A-style envelopes are able to have deckle-edge flaps.

A-Style Envelopes
NumberSize (in.)Download DielinesPDFEPS
A-13.625 x 5.125A-1 Announcement EnvelopePDFEPS
A-24.375 x 5.75A-2 Announcement EnvelopePDFEPS
A-64.75 x 6.5A-6 Announcement EnvelopePDFEPS
A-75.25 7.25A-7 Announcement EnvelopePDFEPS
A-85.5 x 8.125A-8 Announcement EnvelopePDFEPS
A-95.75 x 8.75A-9 Announcement EnvelopePDFEPS
A-106 x 9.5A-10 Announcement EnvelopePDFEPS

Square Envelopes

Square envelopes are often used for announcements, advertising, specialty greeting cards and invitations.

Square Envelopes
NumberSize (in.)Download DielinesPDFEPS
55 x 55 Square EnvelopePDFEPS
5 1/25.5 x 5.55 1/2 Square EnvelopePDFEPS
66 x 66 Square EnvelopePDFEPS
6 1/26.5 x 6.56 1/2 Square EnvelopePDFEPS
77 x 77 Square EnvelopePDFEPS
7 1/27.5 x 7.57 1/2 Square EnvelopePDFEPS
88 x 88 Square EnvelopePDFEPS
8 1/28.5 x 8.58 1/2 Square EnvelopePDFEPS
99 x 99 Square EnvelopePDFEPS
9 1/29.5 x 9.59 1/2 Square EnvelopePDFEPS

Commercial Envelopes

The most popular envelopes for business correspondence, commercial envelopes come with a variety of flap styles including commercial, square and policy.

Commercial Envelopes
NumberSize (in.)Download DielinesPDFEPS
6 3/43.625 x 6.56 3/4 Commercial EnvelopePDFEPS
Monarch3.875 x 7.5Monarch EnvelopePDFEPS
93.875 x 8.8759 Commercial EnvelopePDFEPS
104.125 x 9.510 Commercial EnvelopePDFEPS
104.125 x 9.510 Square Flap EnvelopePDFEPS
104.125 x 9.510 Peel and Seal EnvelopePDFEPS
104.125 x 9.510 Poly Window EnvelopePDFEPS
104.125 x 9.510 Policy EnvelopePDFEPS
104.125 x 9.510 Canadian Window EnvelopePDFEPS
104.125 x 9.5DL International EnvelopePDFEPS

Booklet Envelopes

Booklet Envelopes are typically larger than the announcement envelopes, booklet envelopes are most often used catalogs, folders and brochures.

Booklet Envelope
NumberSize (in.)Download DielinesPDFEPS
9 x 129 x 12 Booklet EnvelopePDFEPS
10 x 1310 x 13 Booklet EnvelopePDFEPS

Catalog Envelopes

Catalog Envelopes are well suited for face to face sales presentations, leave behind presentations and mailing multiple documents.

Catalog Envelope
NumberSize (in.)Download DielinesPDFEPS
9 x 129 x 12 Catalog EnvelopePDFEPS
10 x 1310 x 13 Catalog EnvelopePDFEPS

* Special thanks to Neenah Paper and Superior Graphic Finishing for suppling these templates.

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