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Font distance

How Viewing Distance Affects Font Size

Ever since the invention of the printing press, designers and publishers around the world have considered the proper font size for print projects. Even with the growth in popularity of electronic word processing capabilities, the font size of printed materials is still an important concept. In general, the font size shows how large the average […]Read More
Print resolution comparison 300 vs 72 DPI

4 Considerations to Get Your Signage & Display Images Print Ready

When it comes to proper display resolution, printers are often asked “What resolution do my images need to be?” In the world of small format printing, the answer to this question is usually an easy one as the rule of thumb is usually twice the output line screen (which is around 300-400dpi). If the resolution […]Read More
Raster vs Vector

Vector vs. Raster: Which Do I Use for Printing?

There are so many image options and file formats currently available that it is sometimes a bit overwhelming to choose the correct file type to use. Compatibility is always a concern when working with different file types. When it comes to graphics and images, the type of computer graphic format that is used is a […]Read More