4 Considerations to Get Your Signage & Display Images Print Ready

When it comes to proper display resolution, printers are often asked “What resolution do my images need to be?” In the world of small format printing, the answer to this question is usually an easy one as the rule of thumb is usually twice the output line screen (which is around 300-400dpi). If the resolution […]Read More

Vector vs. Raster: Which Do I Use for Printing?

There are so many image options and file formats currently available that it is sometimes a bit overwhelming to choose the correct file type to use. Compatibility is always a concern when working with different file types. When it comes to graphics and images, the type of computer graphic format that is used is a […]Read More

What is a Print Bleed? How to Add Bleeds in Adobe Products?

Have you ever come home on an empty stomach with no idea what When designing a print project, you will often want the images or other graphics to extend all the way to the very edges of the printed material. This is known as a print bleed, and it is a particularly important part of […]Read More

Marketing Your Business with Custom Door Hangers

Have you ever come home on an empty stomach with no idea what you want for dinner? Suddenly, the answer is in front of you in the form of a custom door hanger! Printed door hangers on a doorknob let you know a new BBQ restaurant is now open in your neighborhood or they share […]Read More

Custom Printing to Include in Your New Hire Welcome Package

When it is time to onboard new employees, there is a lot to remember when it comes to the materials that need to be included in new hire kits. Make a new employee feel welcome and part of the team on the first day by including informative printed materials. Some examples of custom printed materials […]Read More

Restaurant QR Codes – Using them to improve guest experience

Did your restaurant start using QR codes sometime over the past couple of years as a response to COVID? It’s very likely the answer to that question is a yes. And if you’re like most restaurants you had to pull it off quickly without much time to develop its use as a part of the […]Read More

5 Pharmaceutical Marketing Tips for Medical Conferences

Over $77 billion was spent on pharmaceuticals last year, making it one of the highest-grossing industries in the world with thousands of companies and millions of products. Marketing in a saturated market like this can be tricky, especially when it comes to trade shows and medical conferences where every competitor a booth over has something […]Read More

3 Perks of Using Branded Promotional Products

Many Americans use branded promotional products at least once a week, and most will keep these items for a year – or more. Not only can a wise promotional marketing strategy keep your products top-of-mind for consumers for a year or longer, but they also help create meaningful touchpoints and opportunities to connect with your […]Read More

7 Considerations for Trade Show Event Signage

Trade shows are the second-largest source of B2B revenue in the United States, with 2019 numbers passing 15 billion dollars. Trade shows offer opportunities to help develop your brand, target your ideal prospects/leads, and network with other relevant businesses. The return on investment (ROI) potential is HUGE, but cashing in on it is no easy […]Read More

Direct Mail Marketing Tips For Healthcare and Hospitals

Hospitals and other healthcare organizations are looking for ways to engage patients, influence care takers, improve outcomes and promote an elevated quality of life through better health and one of the most effective ways to do this is through the use of direct mail marketing. Recent surveys show that patients prefer direct mail (80% reported […]Read More